Katherine Laflamme has over 20 years of experience in digital and traditional arts. Her artistic skills cover: colour keys, production design & matte painting for feature animated films, as well as graphic design and illustration for major advertising firms.
Preferred tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Nuke, acrylics and oils.

Matte Painting:


Concept Art & Illustration:

Plague Zeppelin


Digital & Traditional Painting:

Starry Night

The Sausage Party Movie

To see images of some of the matte paintings by Katherine Laflamme currently available, please refer to the Matte Painting section.

Previous Projects:

Storm Hawks

(digital matte painting & colour keys)

Pound Puppies

(colour key backgrounds)

Dr. Dimension Pants

(colour key backgrounds)

Rated A for Awesome

(development, colour keys, matte painting)

Dragon Booster

(colour keys and digital matte painting)